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Provide Excellence As Your Duty Free In-Flight Specialty Concessionaire

Recognized globally as the world's largest in-flight concessionaire, DFASS Group sets a high standard for in-flight retail by delivering impeccable service, a broad spectrum of both exclusive and premium brands, and a comprehensive turn-key enterprise.

From Duty Free shopping to buy-on-board programs plus a hybrid of both - we operate an exceptional business model that is the backbone for proven success. Our vast consumer base, extensive knowledge, robust purchasing power, global presence, financial strength and cutting-edge technology give us the ability to provide unsurpassed opportunities for your in-flight retail and international Duty Free program.

We are the largest brand-building power house within the in-flight channel with a captive audience of over 400 million International and Domestic passengers per year.

Join us as we continue to soar beyond expectations, giving your business and your clientele the finest Duty Free shopping experience available in the skies and beyond.

DFASS Unparalled

Create Unparalleled Results Through Our Impactful Sales & Marketing Program

DFASS Group is at the forefront of the industry when it comes to the design and production of seatback pocket editions for passengers to read, as well as electronic catalogs with interactive passenger technology. Our Internet Solutions can add an entirely new dimension to traditional Duty Free shopping and provide you with a new revenue source by offering consumers the opportunity to purchase items online. Your custom-designed Duty Free website can feature all the products and categories your passengers are looking for, along with details on specials, promotions and exclusives.

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Specialty Retail Is About Details

As Duty Free specialty retailers with more than 20 years of experience, DFASS Group understands the intricacies of operating effective and profitable in-flight retail programs on a global basis. We know that each customer's personal shopping experience is what guides their next purchase.

We utilize our know-how to drive sales with personalized service by well-trained and knowledgeable crew members, and distinctive, popular products. When it comes to your in-flight sales, we meticulously handle every detail.


Reduce Costs & Increase Revenues

The multifaceted approach to in-flight sales offered by DFASS Group reduces costs and increases revenues by maintaining tight control of the entire process. We offer a comprehensive operation with turn-key systems to our airline partners.